10 Tips and Tricks to boost your Development Speed: Visual Studio Code

How would you continue improving as a software developer? A few recommendations are substantial regardless of your experience level, yet regularly the counsel will rely upon where you are in your profession.

In case you’re a beginner, the best counsel is to just get familiar with your language, systems, and framework. But if you are an experienced software developer, you should continuously find a way to improve your code methodology, readability, performance etc.

Today I will try to cover some of good tips and tricks. If you’re an experienced software developer then some of you might already using.

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Android Automatic SMS Verification using SMS Retriever API

As Google has restricted use of READ_SMS permission here is solution without READ_SMS permission.

SMS Retriever API

Basic function is to avoid using Android critical permission READ_SMS and accomplish task using this method. Blow are steps you needed.

Post Sending OTP to user’s number, check SMS Retriever API able to get message or not

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