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  1. movie review
    Napoleon Charges in Without a PlanRidley Scott’s new historical epic isn’t good, but at least it gives us an unforgettably weird Joaquin Phoenix performance.
  2. movie review
    Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Heartbreaking Monster Hovers Between This World and the NextThere might be no better film about the indisputable fact that we never really know what someone else is going through.
  3. album review
    André 3000’s Solo Album Is a Breath of Fresh AirNew Blue Sun isn’t the esteemed return to form rap fans hoped for. It’s something more.
  4. movie review
    Maestro Is a Masterful Reconstruction That Remains Just ThatThe Leonard Bernstein biopic somehow proves that Bradley Cooper is a director of genuine vision, even though it’s not a particularly successful movie.
  5. movie review
    Is Taika Waititi Even Trying Anymore?The New Zealand filmmaker’s new film, Next Goal Wins, is so sloppily made that it might make you wonder why he even bothered.
  6. movie review
    Disney’s Wish Fails on Every LevelThe songs stink, the animation is a mess, the characters are bland, and the story makes no sense. Happy 100th anniversary, Disney!
  7. tv review
    Fargo Sees What the World Is Coming ToBy setting its new season in the waning days of 2019, the crime-thriller anthology series jars itself, and us, out of complacency.
  8. comedy review
    Mike Birbiglia’s Existential ExercisesIn his Broadway show The Old Man and the Pool, the comedian dives into the anxieties of aging.
  9. theater review
    At Playwrights Horizons, a Tinge of the FringeAmusements, School Pictures, and Sad Boys in Harpy Land are running in repertory.
  10. theater review
    The Gardens of Anuncia Is a Musical That Thinks SmallBased on Graciela Daniele’s life story, it deliberately leaves her as a secondary character.
  11. theater review
    Hell’s Kitchen: A Familiar Diary of Alicia KeysConventional musical-theater turf, made fresh by killer performances.
  12. movie review
    Rustin Is a Solid History Lesson But Not a Particularly Good MovieColman Domingo is fantastic, however.
  13. theater review
    Who Thought Stoppard Needs More Sex?Bedlam’s Arcadia falls into an easy trap.
  14. movie review
    The Hunger Games Forgets Its Own Nightmarish MessageThe Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes has star power and action, but the prequel film lacks its predecessor’s sense of moral lucidity.
  15. movie review
    Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving Isn’t Terrible, and for That We Can Be ThankfulWe don’t watch movies like this wondering what’s going to happen next. We watch because we know what’s going to happen next.
  16. art review
    A Painter’s New Civil WarThe perverse visions of Hilary Harkness.
  17. movie review
    Let Fallen Leaves’ Finnish Gloom Give You LifeThe great Aki Kaurismäki delivers one of his most charming films with this tale of missed romantic connections.
  18. tv review
    Nothing Is As It Seems in Scott Pilgrim Takes OffThe word adaptation isn’t precise enough to describe what’s going on in Netflix’s new anime interpretation.
  19. theater review
    Spamalot Returns, and It’s Not Dead YetSay no more!
  20. theater review
    Is Anything Real in Scene Partners? Is Everything?John J. Caswell Jr.’s script is like an Escher drawing, endlessly spiraling in on itself.
  21. movie review
    Saltburn Is All Vibes and Empty ProvocationsEmerald Fennell may be an exasperating filmmaker, but she’s incapable of being boring.
  22. theater review
    That’s the Idea, Let’s Amuse Each Other! Shannon and Sparks in Waiting for GodotMichael Shannon and Paul Sparks foreground the funny in Beckett.
  23. theater review
    Navigating the Expanses of Danny and the Deep Blue SeaChristopher Abbott and Aubrey Plaza star in the 1983 John Patrick Shanley play that’s beloved of young actors.
  24. theater review
    The Day the Clowns Cried: HarmonyThe rise of the Nazi regime, recounted in a Cabaret-adjacent musical with songs by Barry Manilow.
  25. movie review
    Who Here Hasn’t Dreamed of Nicolas Cage?Dream Scenario starts off as a funny, thoughtful look at how we all live in public today.
  26. movie review
    When Did the MCU Start Feeling So Small?The Marvels brings together Brie Larson, Teyonah Parris, and Iman Vellani for far-flung galactic adventures that feel disappointingly dinky.
  27. theater review
    Tragic Losses, of Life and Language, in Watch Night and TranslationsThe destruction wrought by colonialism and racism, rendered onstage in very different ways.
  28. tv review
    The Curse Damns ItselfNathan Fielder and Benny Safdie’s Showtime series will plunge you into doom-filled unease. Then it gets stuck there.
  29. theater review
    What’ll It Be? At FOOD, the End of the World As We Know It.A farcical, funny, and haunting commentary on the industrialized, globalized diet.
  30. movie review
    Sly Is a Messy, Sincere Portrait of a Messy, Sincere ManThis documentary about Sylvester Stallone leaves a lot unsaid. But it does get at the heart of his career.
  31. movie review
    Meg Ryan Isn’t Saving the Rom-Com — She’s Arguing With ItRyan directs and stars alongside David Duchovny in What Happens Later, a curiously sour romantic comedy.
  32. movie review
    To Its Credit, Nyad Makes Its Subject Look Like a Real AssholeNyad may be a frustrating biopic, but at least it doesn’t soften the self-mythologizing long-distance swimmer’s rougher edges.
  33. theater review
    Sabbath’s Theater Can’t Get Out of Its HeadAn adaptation of Philip Roth ends up feeling uncharacteristically tame.
  34. theater review
    I Need That Does Not Spark JoyDanny and Lucy DeVito, as an almost-hoarder and his daughter, are trapped in a play full of junk.
  35. theater review
    Bring a Bucket and a Mop for This Snatch & TaintyA juicy, joyful, bodily-function-obsessed trip below the belt.
  36. theater review
    The ‘Yes, We Can’ Spirit of Poor Yella RednecksQui Nguyen’s optimistic, funny immigration tale.
  37. theater review
    The Box-Checking Work Begins: Merry MeA self-described lesbian sex comedy leans on its Angels in America references.
  38. theater
    Money, Love, and Music, All at Odds in I Can Get It for You WholesaleAn underseen musical revived, full of intriguing contradictions.
  39. theater review
    Stereophonic Goes Its Own Way, and Finds Its GrooveA very Rumours rock saga immerses you in the act of creation.
  40. movie review
    Even Two Great Actors Can’t Make Fingernails’ Romance BelievableJessie Buckley and Riz Ahmed are hard to buy as thwarted lovers, though that’s mostly the fault of the film’s half-baked premise.
  41. movie review
    Paul Giamatti Is Never Better Than When He’s in an Alexander Payne MoviePrep school dramedy The Holdovers, the pair’s first collaboration since Sideways, showcases Giamatti’s capacity for the prickly and the heartbreaking.
  42. movie review
    Visions of the CollapseFive Nights at Freddy’s wants to be scary, but it’s mostly just sad.
  43. movie review
    The Killer Could Be a Great Comedy If David Fincher Let ItThere’s a thin line between self-reflection and self-parody, and The Killer comes dangerously close to crossing it a few too many times.
  44. theater review
    Covenant Is Best When It’s At Its PulpiestWhy aren’t there more plays that lean into being genre horror?
  45. movie review
    The Persian Version and the Art of Doing Too MuchMaryam Keshavarz’s musical romantic dramedy tells an affecting story about what womanhood demands — at least, it does whenever it settles down.
  46. theater review
    Make Like a Tree: Renae Simone Jarrett’s DaphneOvid’s telling of the myth, reimagined.
  47. theater review
    The Last Midnight: Sondheim and Ives’s ‘Here We Are’A strange, dark, fragmented, and compelling final message from the master.
  48. theater review
    Language As Engine: Helen. and MahineratorA feminist Trojan War parable and a monologue that leaps right over the desk to grab you.
  49. movie review
    Errol Morris Duels the Greatest Spy Novelist in The Pigeon TunnelThe documentarian’s brisk, enjoyable new film contains the curiously contentious final interview with David Cornwell, a.k.a. John le Carré.
  50. movie review
    Killers of the Flower Moon Turns Out to Be the Simplest, Slipperiest of ThingsIt’s not Martin Scorsese’s western, and it’s not another gangster epic. It’s his marriage story.
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