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You Can Rent Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Extended Version) on Her Birthday

Photo: Buda Mendes/TAS23/Getty Images

A pathological people pleaser is giving us a gift on their birthday? In other news, a fork was found in the kitchen. Fans hoped that Taylor Swift would announce reputation (Taylor’s Version) this past weekend, but Swift has something else up her sparkly sleeve. Swift shared that her Eras Tour film will be available to rent on her birthday for $19.89, the same price as her movie tickets, and she has surprises in store for those looking to dance in the refrigerator light. Swift explained on Instagram, “Very happy to be able to tell you that the extended version of the film including ‘Wildest Dreams,’ ‘The Archer,’ and ‘Long Live’ will be available to rent on demand in the U.S., Canada & additional countries to be announced soon starting on … you guessed it, December 13.” However, “cardigan” was, once again, missing from the lineup. More than likely, it’ll be included in the DVD or streaming release of the film. But for right now, we can blame that incident for its exclusion.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Film Extended Version Out Dec. 13