Quick App Shortcut: Angular PWA

Life is easy when you got shortcuts. Similarly you expect your application should have shortcut that land you directly on the page. This article explain you how to set shortcut in your application for Quick Navigation.

App shortcuts helps user to open most common page which is in demand. For example shopping application user often visit to trending deals, my order, contact us etc. So instead of going by the flow app gives a choice to open those page directly.

App Shortcut on Mobile

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Angular 8: Component Interaction using Service

Angular 8

In Angular 8, components communicate with each other to share data such as object, string, etc..

Components are made of typescript class and html template. We often required to update data of component based on the changes of the other component. In previous articles Calling Child Method from Parent Component using Temp Ref Variable and Angular5+ Communicating from child component to parent component we understand communication from child to parent and visa versa. Continue reading