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It’s finally time to yearn for the past while listening to “’tis the damn season.” What better way to cope with the hometown fantasy of meeting up with an old flame during the holiday break than to online shop? Even if your heart feels like a Christmas Tree Farm, you’re still more likely than not to be buying a gift for a Swiftie this year. Whether it’s for yourself, a friend, a family member, or you’re trying to get someone back after breaking up with them for the summer, (hi, James), our Taylor Swift gift guide has everything you need for a magical Christmas morning from every Blondie era.

This is for the mirrorball girlies — all they do is try, try, try. The disco-ball ice bucket is a perfect way to show your Swiftie you’re willing to listen to all of their champagne problems with a nicely chilled bottle. It also doubles as a cute decoration on your bar cart for a New Year’s Day party (or whenever Swift re-releases reputation).

To go with your mirrorball ice bucket, may I suggest some gin to make a “Lavender Haze” cocktail? A staple at stadiums throughout the Eras Tour, Swifties have enjoyed the gin-and-lavender cocktail since the Midnights era, and this gift set is step one. Just add lavender syrup and lemonade to make the easiest Swifite drink for your friends. (Complimentary, I was able to easily make this as someone who knows nothing about making mixed drinks.) Plus, it’ll be a great way to relive the Eras Tour whenever the movie comes out on streaming.

Admittedly, the whole Midnights vinyl/CD coming together to become a clock felt a little gimmicky. You could easily find the pieces yourself and make a vinyl clock for so much cheaper. However, this film-strip CD-holder is one of a kind. Outside of holding your Taylor CDs, you could totally space out the shelves to hold all of your favorite movies. We think Swift would approve — she’s a movie girl after all.

Last year, Old Navy released a flannel that looks all too well like the iconic evermore album cover jacket. While it doesn’t look like it’ll be restocking the adult version this year (booo!), the store does have a smaller, tinier, and arguably cuter version for the baby Swiftie in your life. Just add on a blonde wig, and that baby will be teleporting to haunt a corner of a restaurant. Hopefully, it’ll at least be an Olive Garden.

If your Swiftie is having a hard time finding a way to display their friendship bracelets, this is the gift for them. A statue with the signature Taylor Swift hand heart is perfect for remembering the Eras Tour memories and showing off your favorite bracelets. It comes in so many different colors which makes to easier to personalize it for your favorite era (especially if you’re a fan of Swift’s famous Fourth of July parties!)

If you’re worried about your package being stuck in Fernjail, thankfully, there are options for those who might need to grab a quick gift while on a grocery store run. The Sunrise Boulevard edition of 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is exclusively available at Target and the vinyl includes a bonus track, “Sweeter Than Fiction.” The track was originally written for the movie One Chance and while the song runs deep in my veins, I have yet to see the movie. Could Christmas morning be my chance to see the song in the context it was created for? The answer might be sweeter than …

If you often find your Swiftie scrolling on Taylor Swift Styled, you may get extra points with this gift. As seen on Swift during one of her famous NYC paparazzi walks, this purse is one of her more affordable options. (But I mean, if you could swing a YSL purse, go right ahead.) The Nirvana bag from Aupen comes in a ton of colors in case you wanted to match to their favorite era.

While the OG Reputation ring is long gone from Swift’s web store, you can embody the reputation era with other stylish rings. This simple gold-snake ring is an excellent addition for a gold-jewelry lover and for someone seeking vengeance. Just make sure you set holiday expectations correctly if you’re asking someone their ring size, to avoid any Champagne problems. ¡Vamos a Reputar!

“All Too Well (Ten Minute Version) (From the Vault) (Taylor’s Version)” has had Swifties weeping for two years, and now you can cry in your sweater inspired by the short film. Worn by Sadie Sink in the movie, it can be easily paired with a wine glass (held by the bowl) and a note book for writing your heartbreaking novel.

Now here’s where you need to really think about the Swiftie in your life. Have they expressed enthusiasm for the relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce and/or the Kansas City Chiefs? Have they, of their own free will, initiated conversations about professional football? If you can answer yes to both of these questions, you may be safe to proceed down the Chiefs merch route. And unless you’re shopping for a young child or someone who you would describe as radicalized, the Swiftie in your life doesn’t want poorly made, overly referential Chieftie merch from a drop-shipper operating on Etsy. Here is an actually cute and comfy pullover that they can don on game day while keeping their eyes keenly trained on Donna Kelce’s box. —Anusha Praturu

The latest trend sweeping the (Taylor) nation: friendship bracelets! A niche hobby that’s been percolating in Swiftie circles since Debut era exploded this summer during the Eras Tour. Bracelets spotted since the trend went viral have taken the form of lyrics, references, acronyms, sub-fandoms, jokes, shoutouts, callouts, flirtation devices, and everything in between. If the Swiftie you love hasn’t started beading yet, they may enjoy dipping their toes into a satisfying, wholesome, tactile hobby that pairs well with many forms of media consumption. And if they have, consider a refill pack! —AP

I’m a very sentimental person; My favorite thing to do is print out sweet photos from concerts and hang them up in my home. The “Long Live” photo frame from the Speak Now era is a very cute way to relive all the magic you’ve made with your loved ones.

There is a good chance that your Swiftie is also a Snoopy stan. Mustard Yard Press has a TON of Snoopy- and Swift-inspired pieces but my favorite is the “Lover”-inspired top. It’s a cute way to show off your love of both Swift and Charlie Brown’s best friend.

If you have someone who’s been burning through notebooks by writing songs, maybe its time to hand them a guitar (no computer repairman needed). This is a perfect size for a little Swiftie who’s excited to learn how to play guitar. For a stocking stuffer, you can also add the T.S. guitar strap or the debut music book for a Christmas morning guitar lesson.

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