10 Tips and Tricks to boost your Development Speed: Visual Studio Code

How would you continue improving as a software developer? A few recommendations are substantial regardless of your experience level, yet regularly the counsel will rely upon where you are in your profession.

In case you’re a beginner, the best counsel is to just get familiar with your language, systems, and framework. But if you are an experienced software developer, you should continuously find a way to improve your code methodology, readability, performance etc.

Today I will try to cover some of good tips and tricks. If you’re an experienced software developer then some of you might already using.

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Angular 8: Component Interaction using Service

Angular 8

In Angular 8, components communicate with each other to share data such as object, string, etc..

Components are made of typescript class and html template. We often required to update data of component based on the changes of the other component. In previous articles Calling Child Method from Parent Component using Temp Ref Variable and Angular5+ Communicating from child component to parent component we understand communication from child to parent and visa versa. Continue reading